May is Stepping Up's Month of Action. Learn how your county can participate.

Stepping Up Day of Action

Stepping Up Day of Action Toolkit

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Social Media Graphics

Create a Social Media Strategy

The emergence of social media in recent years provides tremendous opportunities to promote counties’ Stepping Up efforts and events. If the county already has a public Facebook or Twitter account, use it to promote Stepping Up and Day of Action activities. The planning team may want to coordinate social media outreach efforts. And be sure to use #StepUp4MentalHealth in all posts related to Stepping Up.

Sample Tweets

More than 415 counties have passed a resolution to join Stepping Up to reduce #mentalillness in #jails. [YOUR COUNTY] is proud to be part of this movement! Find out more at #StepUp4MentalHealth

[YOUR COUNTY] is hosting a Stepping Up Day of Action on May 16 to bring awareness to people with #mentalillness in #jails. Find out more about Stepping Up at #StepUp4MentalHealth

[YOUR COUNTY] is joining counties from across the country today as part of the Stepping Up Day of Action to reduce #mentalillness in #jails. Find out more about Stepping Up at #StepUp4MentalHealth

Sample Facebook Post

Join [YOUR COUNTY] on May 16 for a Stepping Up Day of Action! Stepping Up is a national initiative to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in jails. The Day of Action is an opportunity for our community to come together to learn about the county’s efforts to connect people to treatment and services instead of jails. [Provide details on your Day of Action activities and how people can participate]. [YOUR COUNTY] is committed to #StepUp4MentalHealth for people with mental illness in our community. Find out more at