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Jail provides referrals upon release

Prior to their release from jail, people receive referrals to treatment as part of transitional case planning. After release, criminal justice and/or behavioral health personnel follow up to ensure that people continue to access treatment in the community.

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Local Examples

Pacific County, WA Pacific County Sheriff's Office

  • The jail liaison makes referrals from the jail to community-based service providers based on screening and assessment results.
  • The jail liaison coordinates with the courts and the behavioral health provider to ensure people leaving the jail have initial appointments scheduled upon release, and follows up with people in the community after their release to encourage appointment attendance.
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Alachua County, FL Alachua County Sheriff's Office

  • The release coordinator ensures that people leaving the jail have appropriate referrals to community-based services upon release.

Hancock County, OH Hancock County Jail

  • The jail's case managers schedule treatment appointments in the community for people prior to their release from the jail.
  • Case management services also sets up transportation as needed to ensure that people can attend their appointments.

Policy & Practice


3 - Increase connection to treatment
4 - Reduce recidivism