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Jail Medical Contracting: Best Practices for Supporting Stepping Up Goals
Across the country, county criminal justice, behavioral health, and social service system leaders are grappling with reducing the number of people with serious mental illness (SMI) in criminal justice systems, including county jails, often by using “front-end” strategies. Counties frequently struggle with using data to gauge the impact of these… Read More
Stepping Up Innovator Counties: Leading the Way in Justice System Responses to People with Behavioral Health Needs
Among the more than 540 counties that have joined the Stepping Up initiative, Innovator counties lead the nation in successfully collecting and applying data to inform decision-making. This brief covers how Innovators are bringing about meaningful change in the movement to reduce the number of people with behavioral health needs… Read More
Stepping Up and Connections to Care: Making the Case with Data
Counties across the country have made progress addressing the Stepping Up Four Key Measures. Yet counties often struggle with Key Measure 3: post-release connections to care for people who have a serious mental illness (SMI). This measure necessarily involves a handoff from the county jail system to the community-based behavioral… Read More
The Growth of Telepsychiatry during the COVID-19 Pandemic
By Christopher Seeley, MSW, American Psychiatric Association Foundation Connecting people to care is vitally important for preventing further engagement in the justice system. That’s why it’s among the key measures that the Stepping Up initiative encourages counties to understand. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, connections to treatment for this… Read More
Stepping Up Monterey County System Mapping Project
As part of their Stepping Up initiative, leaders in Monterey County, California, engaged the CSG Justice Center to work with county stakeholders to map current policies, processes, and resources for people with behavioral health needs who enter the criminal justice system. This report presents recommendations for system improvements, including feedback… Read More
Kansas to Open Stepping Up Center to Reduce Number of People with Mental Illness in Jails
Topeka, Kan.—The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) and The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center announce the opening of the Kansas Stepping Up Technical Assistance (TA) Center to help counties reduce the prevalence of people with serious mental illness in jails. The Kansas Stepping Up TA… Read More
COVID-19 Has Triggered Jail Population Drops—With One Exception
Jails across the U.S. are seeing reductions in their populations since the pandemic struck, yet local officials say the prevalence of mental illness in their facilities remains stubbornly high. Our latest video features officials from Douglas County, KS and San Luis Obispo, CA—both recognized as Innovator Counties in the Stepping… Read More
Stepping Up Announces Set, Measure, Achieve: A Nationwide Call to Action for Counties to Reduce Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System
WASHINGTON, DC, September 23, 2020—The Stepping Up initiative today announced Set, Measure, Achieve, a national call to action for counties to publicly commit to goals that demonstrate reduced prevalence of mental illness in local justice systems. Stepping Up is asking participating counties to set tangible targets,… Read More
Safely Releasing People from Jail during COVID19 Pandemic
During the COVID-19 pandemic, jails are facing many questions about how to successfully release people who may be vulnerable to the virus and are detained for low-level offenses. This webinar presents The Council of State Governments Justice Center’s new checklist of considerations for release during the pandemic, particularly regarding… Read More