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Specialized jail personnel

People that enter the jail are identified and connected to treatment by specialized jail staff who have been trained to recognize and appropriately respond to people with mental illnesses.

Local Examples

Franklin County, MA Franklin County Sheriff's Office (FSCO)

  • FCSO encourages staff to develop proficiency in behavioral health by providing training in trauma-informed care, offering masters-level clinical internships and courses for college-level credit in collaboration with a local university, and designing a professional track for correctional officers to advance through specialized roles.
  • Correctional officers in the jail may be promoted to serve as correctional case workers (CCW), who are responsible for working with reentry planners to complete all reentry tasks, including co-facilitating all treatment groups with licensed mental health providers.
  • CCWs may be promoted to serve as unit managers, who are additionally responsible for facilitating therapeutic communities.
  • Reentry case workers (RCW) engage with people upon and after release to provide assistance in navigating reentry and addressing barriers such as transportation and housing. RCWs connect people to wraparound services in partnership with treatment providers.
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3 - Increase connection to treatment
4 - Reduce recidivism

Last updated: April 21, 2019