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Suspension and reactivation of health benefits

The jail is aware of state policy regarding the status of people’s Medicaid and SSI/SSDI benefits once they are booked into jail. If allowable, the jail staff suspends benefits upon booking and reactivates prior to release. If termination is required, jail personnel assists with re-applying for benefits so that they are activated prior to release.

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Local Examples

Pima County, AZ Pima County Jail

  • Arizona uses intergovernmental agreements to suspend benefits for people who are incarcerated in state prisons and multiple county jails, including in Pima County.
  • The jail sends a list daily to the state Medicaid agency of bookings and releases to identify cases for benefit suspension and reactivation, respectively.
  • Coverage is reactivated without the need for reapplication upon release.
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Policy & Practice


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Last updated: April 21, 2019