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Counties in the News

New Innovators Bernalillo County and Fulton County Prioritize Treatment
Since the Stepping Up initiative launched five years ago, a number of counties have been designated as Stepping Up Innovators. This growing cohort is made up of jurisdictions that successfully collect and use data on their jail populations with serious mental illnesses to inform policies and practices. The latest… Read More
Stepping Up Marks Five Years of Innovation
As counties continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, one area that cannot be ignored is the mental health of county residents. May is national Mental Health Awareness Month and also marks the five-year anniversary of Stepping Up. Stepping Up is a national initiative to reduce the number of… Read More
Safely Releasing People from Jail during COVID19 Pandemic
During the COVID-19 pandemic, jails are facing many questions about how to successfully release people who may be vulnerable to the virus and are detained for low-level offenses. This webinar presents The Council of State Governments Justice Center’s new checklist of considerations for release during the pandemic, particularly regarding… Read More
How to Prioritize in a Sea of Challenges: Guidance for Counties
Counties are often faced with an array of unique funding and capacity pressures. During crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for county officials to prioritize where and how they use their already-limited resources. The latest brief from Stepping Up’s In Focus series—Prioritizing Policy, Practice,… Read More
Stepping Up for COVID-19: Resources & Information
To successfully overcome the COVID-19 crisis, we must rely on local leadership and collaboration across local systems. In communities across the U.S., county employees, law enforcement, behavioral health and health care workers, and others have come together to ensure the well-being of our neighborhoods and vulnerable populations. In… Read More
Special Topics Case Studies: A Three-Part Series
Counties across the U.S. are taking action to reduce the number of people with mental illness in jails. In this new, three-part series, The Stepping Up Special Topics Case Studies, we highlight specific counties that are taking an innovative approach to achieve measurable impact in their local criminal justice systems. Read More
JMHCP Grant Helps San Luis Obispo ‘Step Up’ to Improve Lives of People With Mental Illnesses in Jail
By The Council of State Governments Justice Center Staff San Luis Obispo, California was awarded a Justice and Mental Health Collaboration (JMHCP) grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance in 2018 to improve responses to people with mental illnesses in their local criminal justice… Read More