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Cross-training for probation, parole, and treatment providers

Probation and parole officers and community-based treatment providers are trained to recognize and respond to people with mental illnesses under community supervision.

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Local Examples

San Joaquin County, CA San Joaquin County Probation Department

  • Multiple county agencies collaborated to develop a reentry initiative for people with co-occurring substance addictions and mental illnesses.
  • Program staff, including probation officers, correctional facility staff, and behavioral health treatment providers, are cross-trained in behavioral health, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral interventions, and trauma-informed care.
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Winona County, MN Reentry Assistance Program Plus

  • Monthly trainings on behavioral health or criminal justice topics are offered free of charge through Winona County’s Reentry Assistance Program Plus (WRAP+).
  • The trainings, which are coordinated by behavioral health partner Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center, help to bridge knowledge gaps among criminal justice and behavioral health professionals and cover best practices for the successful reentry of people with mental illnesses and co-occurring substance use disorders.

Policy & Practice


4 - Reduce recidivism

Last updated: April 21, 2019