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Comprehensive process analysis

A person’s movement through the justice system is traced, from their first contact with law enforcement to the final case disposition. By including detailed information–including data that specifies capacity needs–the planning team is better positioned to identify opportunities to improve services and prioritize needs.

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Local Examples

Fulton County, GA Fulton County Justice and Mental Health Task Force

  • The task force participated in a sequential intercept mapping workshop to identify resources and gaps in the criminal justice and behavioral health systems.
  • The task force also completed a "swim lanes" process analysis that provides a different visual of available resources and gaps.
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Dauphin County, PA Dauphin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB)

  • The CJAB worked with the CSG Justice Center to conduct a system flow analysis of all the services available in the county for people with behavioral health needs who have been involved with the criminal justice system.
  • A qualitative analysis was performed to shed light on how people who have serious mental illnesses move through Dauphin County's criminal justice system from before arrest through release.
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Policy & Practice