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Criminogenic risk assessment

A validated criminogenic risk assessment is administered to inform release decisions, such as whether supervision or services are required to reduce the person’s risk of reoffending.

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Local Examples

Pacific County, WA Pacific County Sheriff's Office

  • The Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) is conducted by a therapeutic or specialty courts coordinator for people who are referred to a specialty court program.
  • Results of the ORAS and behavioral health assessments are used to inform participants' action plans in regard to service needs and duration.
For more information on this intervention, see this resource:

Erie County, NY Erie County Sheriff’s Office

  • The Wisconsin Risk Assessment is conducted for individuals in the jail who screen positive for co-occurring substance use disorders and mental illness. This standardized and validated instrument is integrated into the Sallyport jail management system.
  • A business associate agreement with BestSelf Behavioral Health is in place to exchange information within this platform, including screening and assessment data, mental health and substance use history, demographics, etc.

Durham County, NC

  • The Criminal Justice Resource Center, the county’s coordinating agency for criminal justice services, runs a co-occurring substance use and mental illness program that assists individuals reentering the community from the Durham County Jail.
  • The Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START) tool is used to inform comprehensive case plan and treatment recommendations.

Policy & Practice


2 - Reduce length of stay
4 - Reduce recidivism

Last updated: October 28, 2022