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Integrated Data Warehouse

Data warehouses provide accurate, accessible data across multiple sources including law enforcement, jails, community-based providers, community supervision agencies, and other agencies to improve decision-making about supporting people with frequent justice and behavioral health system contact.

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Berks County, PA

  • Berks County has built a data warehouse using linked criminal justice (jail, adult probation) and behavioral health (Medicaid) files.
  • The county uses its data warehouse to monitor the average daily population with serious mental illness (SMI) at the jail along with Stepping Up's four key measures, which are reviewed quarterly by the county's Stepping Up Task Force. In addition, a subcommittee focuses on the average length of stay for people with SMI, examining sociodemographic disparities that can affect timely release from jail.
  • The integrated data warehouse also provides an opportunity to identify people with complex behavioral health needs and allows the Stepping Up team to communicate with the jail's mental health provider to coordinate care and facilitate entry into appropriate services in the jail.
  • The county is planning to expand the data warehouse’s substance use treatment component to include other (non-Medicaid) publicly funded treatment sources. This information will improve interventions for incarcerated people with SMI and co-occurring substance use disorders.

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Last updated: November 2, 2023