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Pretrial diversion

At the pre-adjudication stage, people are identified as having a mental illness or co-occurring substance addiction and are referred to a pretrial diversion program. People referred to the program follow an alternative criminal justice case process and are connected with appropriate services and treatment.

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Local Examples

Miami-Dade County, FL Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida Criminal Mental Health Project (CMHP)

  • The post-booking component of the CMHP serves as a diversion option before adjudication for people who are eligible and voluntarily participate.
  • To be eligible, the person must have a documented serious mental illness and have been charged with most misdemeanors, a third-degree felony, or certain second-degree felonies.
  • Eligible defendants are identified by the jail's diversion team, who are then reviewed by the assistant state attorney and public defender for necessary approval and due process.
  • Participants' legal charges are suspended and subsequently dismissed or modified based on treatment engagement.
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2 - Reduce length of stay
3 - Increase connection to treatment