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Reentry centers

Reentry centers play an important role for people leaving prison or jail by linking them to behavioral health treatment, housing supports, and other services to support community reintegration. Some reentry centers are co-located at local correctional facilities to ensure that as many people as possible receive supports before reentering the community. 

Local Examples

Erie County, NY

  • The Service Link Stop, administered under the Erie County Department of Mental Health, is a collaboration of reentry providers, government services, and public safety agencies that provide reentry services, community supports, training programs, and cognitive behavioral interventions on site and via referral.
  • The site opened in September 2020 and is located within walking distance of the Erie County Holding Center.
  • Erie County, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo committed to providing matching start-up funds to launch the Service Link Stop.
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3 - Increase connection to treatment

Last updated: October 28, 2022