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Representative planning team

A representative planning team is established that includes key leaders from the criminal justice and behavioral health systems, people who have mental illnesses, mental health advocates, and representatives from county, municipal, and state government, as appropriate. The planning team, which includes a designated chairperson and a project coordinator, has established partnership agreements and a statement of mission, vision, and guiding principles.

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Local Examples

Fulton County, GA Fulton County Justice and Mental Health Task Force

  • The task force is operated through the Superior Court of Fulton County.
  • The task force is divided into five work groups based on priorities established through Sequential Intercept Mapping.
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Dauphin County, PA Dauphin County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB)

  • The Dauphin County CJAB consists of criminal justice and behavioral health leaders.
  • An administrator in the District Attorney's Office serves in the project coordinator role to oversee the CJAB's strategic planning process.
  • A distinct position, the full-time Stepping Up coordinator/mental health liaison, was hired to implement the strategy outlined through the planning process, focusing specifically on front-end interventions based on prioritized needs.
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Last updated: April 21, 2019