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Stepping Up: Effective Law Enforcement and Diversion Strategies
County law enforcement and behavioral health practitioners share law enforcement-focused policies, practices and programs they have established and the impact they have had on the Stepping Up Four Key Measures. Read More
Stepping Up: Examining Treatment and Service Capacity and Identifying State and Local Policy and Funding Barriers
This webinar provides an overview of the Sequential Intercept Model to identify criminal justice system intercept points (e.g., arrest, pretrial, reentry, etc.) where change can be made to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in jails. Read More
Stepping Up: Strategies to Measure Prevalence and Assess the Needs of Individuals with Mental Illnesses in Jails
In this webinar, national and county behavioral health and criminal justice experts and practitioners discuss how they identify people with mental illnesses and co-occurring substance use disorders at jail intake and effective practices for screening and assessing for risk of recidivism. They also outline effective methods to accurately count the number of individuals with mental illnesses in their jails and how they have been able to use this information to inform policy, practice and resource allocation decisions. Read More