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Join Set, Measure, Achieve

Our latest call to action is Set, Measure, Achieve, a national effort for Stepping Up counties to establish and reach measurable goals that demonstrate reduced prevalence of behavioral health needs in jails.

Counties participating in Set, Measure, Achieve will be better positioned to identify successes and opportunities, allowing for more targeted and data-driven requests for local, state, federal, and philanthropic support. Setting prevalence reduction targets will also amplify counties’ transparency efforts and ensure coordinated cross-systems work toward common goals. Participating counties will receive online technical assistance with setting reasonable targets, implementing data collection, and analyzing results.

Set Your Targets

To participate in Set, Measure, Achieve, Stepping Up counties that have established  baseline data must commit to one or more of Stepping Up’s minimum suggested prevalence reduction targets below. For the greatest impact, participating counties are encouraged to work toward all five of these targets. However, Stepping Up recognizes that counties may not have readily accessible data for each target.

  • 5 percent annual reduction in average daily jail population
  • 10 percent annual reduction in jail bookings
  • 5 percent annual reduction in average length of jail stay
  • 10 percent annual increase in post-release connections to care
  • 5 percent annual reduction in recidivism

The Set, Measure, Achieve informational brief and corresponding webinar provide more guidance on how to establish baseline data and track this data over time.

Measure and Report Your Progress

Counties are encouraged, but not required, to share progress data with Stepping Up to help the initiative see how participating counties are doing on a national scale. Once you notify Stepping Up that you want to participate in Set, Measure, Achieve, Stepping Up will ask for your data every 12 months. Please note that sharing your data is voluntary, and the information you provide will never be shared without your permission.

Achieve Results

Once your county has established and begun measuring its prevalence reduction goals, you are encouraged to promote your participation in Set, Measure, Achieve. The Stepping Up website offers webinars, case studies, reports, assessment tools, and other resources to help counties identify strategies to reach their targets. We will continue to share ways to measure interim progress and celebrate your successes along the way to achieving results.

If you are interested in participating in Set, Measure, Achieve, get started by taking this survey.

See the achievements that participating Set, Measure, Achieve counties have made.

Access Support

Stepping Up hosts annual, virtual communities of practice focused on Set, Measure, Achieve to foster peer-to-peer learning with counties and share strategies and resources. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming opportunities.