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Progress reports  
Monitoring the completion of short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals is important, as it may take years to demonstrate measurable changes in the Stepping Up four key measures or other metrics of interest to county planning teams. Showing evidence of more immediate accomplishments, such as the implementation of new procedures, policies,… Read More
Cross-system homeless outreach efforts
Multiple agencies, including the police department and housing partners, collaborate to identify people who are experiencing homelessness and connect them to housing supports and other services. … Read More
911 Dispatch Diversion
911 dispatch diversion, sometimes called crisis call diversion, varies across the country. For some communities, this means embedding clinicians in their dispatch centers who can respond to behavioral health crisis calls over the phone and resolve the issue through crisis counseling, needs assessment, or referral to ongoing services. Other… Read More
Community service directory
A resource directory, often kept online, is available to help people with criminal justice involvement and their families identify local reentry resources, including behavioral health services. Read More