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Individual and group counseling is available in the jail

Services that support people with behavioral health needs, including individual and group counseling, are available in the jail.

Local Examples

Lubbock County, TX Lubbock County Detention Center

  • The Lubbock County Detention Center provides individual counseling and various group counseling methods to meet the diverse needs of people in the jail.

Calaveras County, CA

  • Through the Community Corrections Partnership, there is a continuum of care, including counseling services, available in the jail.
  • The jail-based clinician offers multiple types of individual and group therapy and collaborates with a community-based mental health clinician on reentry planning.

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Lucas County, OH

  • Unison, a community-based treatment provider, operates within the jail and provides individual and group therapy to people who screen positive for mental illness.
  • Services also include case management, coordination with community providers, diagnostic assessments, medication management, reentry planning/support, and telehealth services.

Island County, WA

  • Island County received a grant through the Health Care Authority of Washington to operate a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) program.
  • The county began providing services for substance use disorders and mental illnesses in the jail in 2022.
  • The first cohort of clients comprises seven people who participate in group and individual support for mental health and substance use treatment.
  • There is an emphasis on collaboration between the jail Residential Substance Abuse Treatment counselor, the jail mental health counselor, and the jail transitions coordinator.
  • As of February 2022, the jail mental health counselor has provided individual mental health support for 107 clients since mid-February 2022
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3 - Increase connection to treatment
4 - Reduce recidivism

Last updated: November 3, 2023